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TEGNA Digital

TEGNA's digital properties consist of local news websites, native apps, streaming TV apps, and a proprietary CMS called TEGNA One. I am responsible for the design of all of UI design and many aspects of the UX.






Local News Websites

I was responsible for the UI and UX design of all aspects of the website templates which included mastheads, long form articles, and modules for major stories, weather, olympics, and elections.

Although the business has not yet invested in making their sites responsive, I designed all modules and templates to be compatible with most modern screen sizes.

To differentiate from their competitors, TEGNA rebranded their broadcast package for all 64 local news stations. Working within the constraints of the existing grid layout, I redesigned the UI with a contemporary look consistent with the new T18 brand identity, created a more readable typography stack, and brought everything up to date with WCAG standards.

Streaming TV Plus Apps

Recently TEGNA pivoted to a new Plus experience for their streaming content. I designed a new Streaming TV Plus app to feature the new content direction.


The app features a local twenty-four-hour “Watch” stream, which includes live local news, newscast replays, extended live coverage, weather, and station specials and investigations.

This new app now a significant viewership and significant source of income for TEGNA. It is available for Roku, FireTV, and Apple TV.


TEGNA One is a proprietary CMS that manages content for all 64 new stations' websites, mobile apps, and streaming TV apps. Digital design directors at each station are able to publish stories, modify homepage layouts, and schedule the 24/7 stream.

I designed the UI/UX for functionality for the following:

  • Story headline testing

  • Ad break insertion

  • User-generated content moderation

  • VOD content and Breaking Live scheduling for the 24/7 stream on TV apps and web

Older Work

Here are some samples of older work showcasing mobile apps and websites. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more.